The year is 2034, and the face of terrorism has changed. No longer restricted to the limits of the physical world, the war on terror has exploded onto the net. In an attempt to confront this new threat, an elite counter-terrorism and anti-crime unit was formed: Public Security Section 9.

you are a member of Section 9 an elite paramilitary private security force funded by the Japanese government, you are not alone, you are a member of a team and as such are expected to work along side each member of your unit.

Section 9 doesn’t only operate in Japan, they have jurisdiction throughout the world, they have headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Los Angeles, California, Detroit, Michigan, Seattle, Washington.
you can expect to travel to any of these locations on assignment.

It is the age of information, and technology, with such great expanses in technology and digital information comes a new form of crime, hackers have existed since the invention of computers in the 1980’s this new form of hacker on the other hand is something that hasn’t been seen since the laughing man incident of 2024.

There have been several advances in medical science including organ transplants and cybernetic replacements, along with the medical science there has been significant expansion on the military hardware front.

3 month’s ago the American Ambassador met with the Prime Minister of Japan, after their meeting the Prime Ministers daughter aswell as the Ambassadors secretary were kidnapped by masked men using automatic weapons and armored vehicles, along with the 2 victims were several important pieces of private information.

(As a note this game uses elements from D20 Modern, Shadow Force Archer, Spycraft and Cyberpunk/Cybernet)

Ghost in the shell, the Hephestus Program

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