Ghost in the shell, the Hephestus Program

End War?

After the team had set the Nuclear reactor to overheat and go critical Dude was kidnapped by an unknown assailant, Blue was contacted via cell phone by a Russian telling her to come to Hengsha, when the team finally arrived they were shot out of the sky and then picked up by a Dragoon who took them to Jade Dragon tower, where General Yuri Orlock explained the Blue Widow had gone rogue and was threatening to unleash a world devastating nuclear weapon from a deep ocean facility in the middle of the pacific, the team reluctantly agreed to go to Panchea.

New Pripyat?

The crew has made it inside the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area, and has managed to sneak their way inside the Venom bottling plant facility, upon infiltrating the plant they managed to secure a couple of “uniforms” and find their way down to sub basement 6, the facility of sub basement 6 looks like it is straight out of the 1950’s no video screens, but several buttons, switches and toggles, as well as lights.

War never changes

Saudi Arabia and Iran exchanged nuclear strikes with each other and the two countries have been wiped from the map, leaving Russia in sole control of 85% of the worlds oil, the team encountered some genetically engineered bio weapons, Colonel Pavel Doletskaya claims that the large octopus type creature that threw dude into the ocean was not of their design but he could be lying, the Artemis Satellite system was once again fired destroying the Romanov, Blue suffered critical systems damage, dude was put into a coma as he fell 60 feet into the ocean landing on his back, he broke his right arm in 3 places, suffered 4 broken ribs, minor spinal damage and a skull fracture, he’ll live, Agent Danvers was put into near critical status as she took a large amount of fire from the enemy trying to protect Cypher and Dude.

Mission successful the team has some down time, dude is in emergency surgery and will be out of commission for a minimum of 3 weeks.

in other news the Freedom Star shuttle is set to launch in 14 weeks from Cape Canaveral this is a great moment for Japan and the American Empire as this united project for space exploration is set to go off, once the Freedom Star is launched it will meet up with the deep space exploration vessel Deep Star 6 currently in orbit around the moon, the Deep Star 6 is set for a 20 year deep space mission to explore the Alpha Centauri solar system, our hopes and dreams rest with the crews of the two vessels.

In other news stock market crashes as unknown hacker reverses all banking charges, Microsoft on the verge of bankruptcy, Sony Ericson stock plummets, Visa and Mastercard no longer accepted world wide, Discover card on the verge of selling to unknown buyer.

Home coming

Mission successful, the team suffered a loss with the death of Hicks their infiltration specialist who sacrificed himself to save his comrades by throwing himself on a grenade, this single act of bravery won him a post humous Silver star, the family was taken care of and will never have to worry a day in their lives financially. The team has a new mission and will be getting a new member, Agent Danvers requested to stay on with the team permanently and was allowed, granted leave by her own government as well as the team.

Falcon's Roost

The team crossed into Saudi Arabia and landed at a local airport in Remagin, Saudi Arabia.
Checking into a hotel across from where the targets next location was going to be according to the teams Cipher who had spent hours figuring out a calculated algorithm. The teams Cipher made contact with a woman who claims to be the daughter of Sheik Hussein Al Maktoum, she offered up $3000 american dollars worth of gold bars to kidnap her and smuggle her out of the country, at the same time the Agent the team was tracking down was moved from a location near the oil fields and taken to the same hotel the Cipher was staying in.


The Team landed at the Ben Gurian Airport in Jerusalem, the Cipher and 2 other Agents went to the Cafe/Bar to await their intended targets, the Borg and Soldier were detained by MASSAD agents as the soldier had transported his gun on the plane, the Cipher had made sure he would be released and soon was, the Transporter headed to the main parking lot in hopes of acquiring a vehicle for the party, on the plane the team had met a pair of Vatican Knights where upon the Infiltrator had attempted to Brain Hack one of the knights and was in turn back hacked.

After having witnessed the exchange of data between Hand of Glory personnel and two unknown subjects the team engaged, the two unknowns made an escape into a waiting Leer jet and were soon ambushed the 6 Hand of Glory members made their escape in a black sedan, the Transporter set up satellite over watch to track them but soon lost the car in the busy city streets.

one of the two unknowns died on the plane due to acute Cyber brain hemoraging the other had escaped out of the planes rear entrance, and was engaged by the Soldier and the Borg, he escaped with his life after having shot and killed two MASSAD agents in the airport, it was later discovered the man was KGB.

MASSAD Colonel Avi Ben Heim set the team up with a MASSAD safe house in down town Jerusalem and is offering full support to the team, the team also met up with Vatican Knight field commander Jean Meniuer, who was observing the team from a rooftop across the street, after a quick foot chase the commander ran into the transporter and agreed to have dinner with the him and the rest of the team.

First Assignment

The Major was scrolling through her list of team members she had chosen 6 for this particular team, each one was chosen for a particular skill they possessed, she sent each of them a secured email pulling them back to active duty.

“I apologize for pulling you back from your leave so soon, many of you do not know me but rest assured I know all of you, please meet at Section 9 headquarters by Saturday for mission details and equipment assignment.

-Signed Major Motoko Kusanagi"

Public Security Section 9 headquarters in downtown Tokyo, the helicopter would circle three times before landing on the roof, those arriving by private car or taxi would be greeted at the front entrance by armed guards with Ident scanners, retinal scans and finger prints taken as well as your Ident card being scanned, all weapons are scanned and cataloged and you are shown to the elevator, those entering from the roof are greeted much the same way, you are all shown to elevators which lead you to the 45th floor of the tower, where you meet with Major Kusanagi, she is a tall pleasant looking woman standing roughly 5’9" and wearing a tan uniform with pencil skirt and beret matching her uniform, her hair is cut to shoulder length and a vibrant purple, Chief Aramaki, many of you remember the old man chances are he recruited you personally, he stands almost 6 inches shorter than the major, wearing a Armani business suit, his white hair and beard neatly trimmed and very crisp, he sits behind his desk with a data pad in his hands scanning through it, the office over looks downtown Tokyo the desk, 2 couches and a chair are the only furniture in the room aside from a TV planted in the wall and a computer monitor on his desk.


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