Ghost in the shell, the Hephestus Program


The Team landed at the Ben Gurian Airport in Jerusalem, the Cipher and 2 other Agents went to the Cafe/Bar to await their intended targets, the Borg and Soldier were detained by MASSAD agents as the soldier had transported his gun on the plane, the Cipher had made sure he would be released and soon was, the Transporter headed to the main parking lot in hopes of acquiring a vehicle for the party, on the plane the team had met a pair of Vatican Knights where upon the Infiltrator had attempted to Brain Hack one of the knights and was in turn back hacked.

After having witnessed the exchange of data between Hand of Glory personnel and two unknown subjects the team engaged, the two unknowns made an escape into a waiting Leer jet and were soon ambushed the 6 Hand of Glory members made their escape in a black sedan, the Transporter set up satellite over watch to track them but soon lost the car in the busy city streets.

one of the two unknowns died on the plane due to acute Cyber brain hemoraging the other had escaped out of the planes rear entrance, and was engaged by the Soldier and the Borg, he escaped with his life after having shot and killed two MASSAD agents in the airport, it was later discovered the man was KGB.

MASSAD Colonel Avi Ben Heim set the team up with a MASSAD safe house in down town Jerusalem and is offering full support to the team, the team also met up with Vatican Knight field commander Jean Meniuer, who was observing the team from a rooftop across the street, after a quick foot chase the commander ran into the transporter and agreed to have dinner with the him and the rest of the team.


Tanner walks into the safe house and uses the cyberbrain communication with his teammates, “Alright team, we have a new mission and team designation once we finish here in Jerusalem. We will be getting a care package in a few days. Arya, assist the Vatican Knights, but prior to that I want everyone checked for nanobots. Once that job is finished and out care package has arrived we will be receiving coordinates in Saudi Arabia for the next leg of our mission.” He paused, “We’ll be getting new passports and not leaving via the roads, Venge, you’ll be transporting us via the Lear and we will be assuming the role of Ghost Protocol, we will be temporarily disavowed during this Op. My new callsign is Ghost Lead, Ayanami Ghost 1, Hicks Ghost 2, Hawk Ghost 3, Venge Ghost 4


Nanobots Confirmed…


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