Major Political and Government groups

Russian/American Alliance:
Russia became more powerful after WWIII and signed a treaty with the northern states of old America, what formed was renamed the Alliance, it is presumed Canada is a part of this major faction, but so far only rumors persist.

American Empire:
After WWIII and the formation of the Alliance the southern states of America formed the American Empire, becoming a more conservative nation, most of the defense network and the military forces moved to the southern states.

European Union (EU):
Often times referred to as the Commonwealth it is comprised of 12 western European nations including, England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal.

By 2029 Asia had become the most important and most powerful economic region in the entire world, and at the helm of all prosperity in the pacific rim was Japan, home to the largest and most technologically advanced cities.

LAS (League of Arab States):
The League originally formed in Cairo on March 22 1945, and is comprised of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Yemen, the Leagues goals are simple to maintain and protect the sovereignty of the Arab states, in the council, which each member gets one vote, only unanimous votes count.

A floating City built in the middle of the Indian ocean, large unzoned sectors exist within the city for corporations to take root, it may be decades before the city is fully populated.

Russia or the Russian federation is one of the largest factions to have sprung up into prosperity after WWIII, taking back most of eastern Europe in a calculated strike, that took a matter of 3 days to bring the nations of eastern Europe under the fold of the Federations flag.

Major Political and Government groups

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